There could be times whenever one isn’t getting any hot water at all yet one knows for sure the water heater is far from needing to get replaced. Listed below are three things which Water Heater Repair Irving TX recommends examining first to verify if they are the cause. All of these are jobs that just about any property owner could easily perform, too.

Irving Homeowner Things to Check When Not Getting Any Hot Water from the Water HeaterIrving water heater repairs

Very first, check out the temperature setting on the water heater thermostat. Typically, ones water heater is in an area of the house where there aren’t many activities that will go on, however it’s possible that the thermostat got bumped and inadvertently lowered. We are parents of little children, and you can’t ever know what can happen. If it’s set on a temp under, say, 100 degrees, it has been shifted. The normal setting is commonly close to 120 degrees.

While one is still around the water heater, check to see if the pilot light is still lit. It’s possible that it went out and needs to be reignited. In the event the pilot light has gone out, the water in the storage tank will not stay very hot for a long time. Most newer water heaters have a self ignition button that make it simple to relight the water heater. When ones heater is not as new and needs to be “manually” relit, have a look at the below video clip to learn tips on how to do it:

Not to seem silly, but think whether it is a possibility that the water storage tank is making an attempt to reheat water. Whenever a lot of hot water using products and appliances have completed making use of, or are in the process of utilizing hot water, the storage tank might need to catch up to the hot water demand. If perhaps this is something which occurs often in ones property, the size of the current water heater is probably not big enough for ones hot water needs. We will help decide if a larger storage tank is required. We can also talk about information about tankless water heaters to check if that would be a fine match for the house.

In case one has got an electric water heater put in in the home, we suggest examining to determine if the breaker has been tripped. If it has been tripped, it cannot supply electrical power for the water heater. If it has been tripped for some time, the water inside the storage tank isn’t going to be really warm, that is the problem. In cases where this is the issue, turn the breaker switch off, then switch it to the on position. Wait one minute to be sure it stays on and does not trip itself again. If perhaps it does shut off once again, contact us to determine why it is not staying on.

There are additional reasons for why the water heater is not providing any hot water which we would need to examine, as they are not items one needs to be testing for, because of safety reasons. Although a reasonably harmless and repair free home appliance, hot water heaters can be harmful and should only be taken care of by a qualified plumbing technician.